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Mysterious transmission leak

The other day I pulled up to the lights in my '63 hardtop and immediately noticed smoke coming from underneath the car. I pulled over and discovered a constant drip (a drip every three seconds) of transmission fluid from near the inspection plate. The car was flatbedded to a mates house who has a hoist. When we fired it up to move it into the shed and on the hoist the constant dripping had stopped.

Two hours checking the most obvious causes failed to find the leak. All the fittings are tight, the dipstick is firmly in place and it isn't coming out the vent tube. The entire transmission was degreased and the car run on the hoist for nearly twenty minutes with no leaking. A half hour run on the road had the same result, no leak.

I've driven the car very carefully several times since then and the leak only returns after a drive of about 45 minutes or more. Once the car has had time to cool the leak disappears.

I thought that it might be overheating and blew out the cooling lines but that hasn't fixed the problem.

I've pretty much run out of ideas and am hoping that someone out there might have some suggestions.

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