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Post Won't Start, but will turn over

Good afternoon fellow thunderbird enthusiasts. I am new to this forum and I have yet to become accustomed to the formalities of such a place. I have a problem with my thunderbird that I have not been able to track down and I was wondering if somebody here could offer me any advice.

A couple of days ago, my 66 thunderbird wouldn't start. The 428 would turn over, but the thing wouldn't run. After a brief look under the hood, I thought my problem was a coil wire. The wire was burnt through right at the connecting point where it is placed into the distributor cap. I replaced the wire and success(so I thought), it fired right up. I was able to move the beast, under its own power, for about 300yds until it started to shudder like the engine was flooded, which it wasn't. I then parked it an shut off the engine to only find that I was back to a engine that wouldn't start.

My next attempt to try to solve my conundrum was to replace the coil since I saw that I wasn't getting any spark to the plugs. (By the way, I have managed to keep the whole car numbers matching in a numbers matching restoration.) I replaced the coil with a BWD E-70. The car fired up the first time round. Thinking that I had conquered my problem, I drove it around campus to give the bird a shakedown run to make sure that all systems were a go. I found that when under heavy acceleration that the engine started to shake and sputter like it did before. I parked it and when I tried to start it again, I was back to square one.

That is the extent of my attempts to fix the car seeing that I am a college student with finals coming up. If anybody could offer me any advice on what to try next to fix my car (it is my daily driver) I would really appreciate it. My next thought would be that it might be the starter regulator. My distributor is still working fine and my carb has no issues. I took the liberty of rebuilding it when these problems first started to rear their nasty heads.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer me any advice.
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