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65 feather trim and "C"

The chrome on the "C" on the driver side of my 65 bird was peeling, so I ordered a repop kit, which came with the feathers as well. After struggling with getting the interior wheelwell panel off - most of the issue was finding all of the fasteners under the excess undercoating done by the previous owner, I was able to remove all of the speed nuts and pull the feathers and C off. The original feathers had been removed in the past, and were put back on with rubber faucet washers on the back side. An interesting technique, which I'll probably use, only with sheet rubber circles cut with a punch. The main question I have concerns the finish on the feathers - the edge of the old ones are shiny, but the horizontal part (perpendicular to the fender) had a argent silver finish on them. The old finish was damaged in areas, so I removed it with solvent and toothpicks. Should I reapply a new coat of spray paint on the sides? The old ones are much superior in fit than the repop, plus are beefier.
Second question - does anyone make a reproduction of rubber gasket that goes on the wheelwell panel? Mine is in fair shape and reusable, but a new one would probably be a good thing.
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