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self locking driver's door

A few years back, I replaced all of the vacuum lines in my 65 bird while having the dash reupholstered. Everything seemed to be working ok, but last fall when I'd start the car, the driver's door would lock when the vacuum built up. The passenger door doesn't do this. I rebuilt everything in the drivers door two winters ago, but haven't pulled the door card on the passenger side yet. The dash lock switch doesn't affect either door to lock or unlock either door. I put a vacuum on the largest nozzle in the switch while holding my fingers on the two smaller ones. It would hold a vacuum and release the pressure when I pushing the lever either way. I'm going crazy trying to chase down the issue - it's got to be a vacuum issue, but not sure where to look next. Any suggestions? I'm not ready to unplug them yet, but that may be the easiest solution.

Thanks guys!
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