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REALLY?! Guess it was a stupid question....

Originally Posted by Chief510 View Post
Just purchased a 62 Conv. Need clarification on what I have
VIN: 2Y85Z136625

I'm pretty sure the "85Z" identifies it as a Convertible. If it was "89Z" it would be a Roadster. Is that all correct? No exceptions? Reason I'm asking is the car has the Kelsey Hayes wheels and the fiberglass cover over rear 2 seats. Also, when I ran the VIN, the 3rd line said: Ford Thunderbird 2-door Convertible (+early 62 Sports Roadster). If it's not a Roadster, then what does the last part of the 3rd line mean? Can a 62 Convertible be ordered with the Roadster option. Totally ignorant of this stuff at this point. Thanks in advance!! Chief
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