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nola9050 02-18-2009 02:35 PM

Fender Seals...Am I the only one with this problem?
I have a 64 bird. When I removed the front fenders I found the rubber splash/mud seals/rubber in very bad shape. No problem, i've done a few stangs, easy fix, right? Wrong!!! I can find these anywhere. Help me please...What are you doing to solve this problem? Am I missing something? It's rubber, it goes bad, and NO after market part replacement for it, I can't believe i'm the only one... Unless, I have a special car, that has these piecies and no other Tbird has them. If so, I'm taking bids on this rare beauty. Just kidding, but really, any help would be grewat. Thanks...

rhinoman 02-19-2009 05:48 AM


I have a 62 and all my seals were totally shot, I have never seen them for sale. I just went and got some rubber of the same/similar thickness, cut to match against what was left of the old rubber and attached back on. Looks OK and better than no rubber seals when running through water and mud.


nola9050 02-19-2009 10:03 AM

Where did you buy the rubber, and what did you use to cut it?

rhinoman 02-20-2009 07:14 AM


I live in Australia, we have a rubber place all over (Clark Rubber) and I just purchased rubber sheets and cut to size and shape using scissors - should be easy to source in the US?

best of Luck Graeme

boaterbob 02-21-2009 08:36 PM

Try a good plumbing supply, Heavy duty shower pan liner or thin mud flaps from a tracker trailer

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